Industrial models

Izumrud-PROM is a water purification and activation device, which was developed specially as a high capacity water purifier. The Izumrud-PROM is indispensable in different fields, where high quality water purification on an industrial scale is needed. The device can be installed in a plant or implemented in the plumbing net of a building. Izumrud-PROM is assured to provide efficient water purification and activation, lowering the water's reduction-oxidizing potential.

With Izumrud-PROM, water is freed from any types of toxic organic compounds, heavy metal ions, iron and colloidal particles. The structure of the water molecules is balanced, and the negative effect of the old city pipes on the water is neutralized. It gains an authentically fresh taste. In contrast to most industrial filters, Izumrud-PRO does not simply filter the water, accumulating harmful elements on membranes and sorbates. It completely decomposes harmful elements or takes them out through the drainage system, maintaining only the healthy elements in the water. That’s why Izumrud-PROM is a complex and efficient solution for water purification on a large scale.


Reduction and oxidizing potential of water with Izumrud-PRO is lowered from +200…+400 down to -200 mV. This value is equal to the human internal environment redox, which helps the body to save energy on water digestion. Consequences are improved immunity and increases vitality. You can read more about redox by clicking on this link.

Ease of handling

Izumrud-PROM is a half-automatic device. To launch the device, you only need to open the tap and to push the “on” button. Launching time is just 3 minutes, which allows you to start and to stop the device whenever you want. To connect the device you don’t need to buy any additional parts or pipes. Everything required is provided by Izumrud ltd. You only need to contact us, explain the technical parameters of your plumbing system, and we will provide you with all the necessary parts. No replacement of filters, cartridges, sorbates or membranes is needed. You should just sluice the device with an acidic solution every 50 000 liters of purified water.

How to look after the device?

After each 50 thousand liters of purified water the device should be sluiced with an acidic solution to clear electrochemical reactors from calcium, which will have accumulated on its walls. This is to ensure better water flow. Calcium blocks the reactors and complicates water flow. Calcium depositions are absolutely safe for human – everyone has seen them on the bottom of the kettle. If you are interested in purchasing Izumrud-PROM or you have any questions, please, contact us.


Possible purification rates – 250,500 or 1500 liters per hour
Complex water purification solution in every building
Water activation and treatment
Ease of handling