Scientific and Production Enterprise “IZUMRUD” is looking for dealers for selling of water purifiers, water filters, water ionizers “Emerald”, which are used for cleaning, disinfecting of drinking water, for water ionization (alkaline ionized water) and produce water with antioxidant properties for apartments, houses, offices, cafes, schools, hospitals, etc.

    We also invite to cooperation dealers for selling devices for the production of the anolyte  solution.

    Anolyte is the safest disinfectant in the world, which is used:

    • for disinfection and sterilization in medicine,
    • for disinfection and cleaning in the food industry,
    • to preserve the harvest in agriculture,
    • for the disinfection of drinking water,
    • for the disinfection of the water of swimming pools,
    • for eliminate bacteria from the hydraulic fracturing of wells
    • for disinfection in pig and poultry production,
    • for wastewater disinfection,
    • for the treatment of greenhouses for growing vegetables and fruit,
    • for the prevention and treatment of diseases
    • And much more besides

    It is possible to avoid use antibiotics when growing birds and animals.

    In all of this areas anolyte is very effective and brings a considerable economical profit.

    Dead and Living water devices

    Now you can order the Devices for Dead and Living water production on our site. Highly activated Dead and Living waters are widely used for people treatment. International shipping!

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