“On the wall” models

Izumrud “on the wall” is the fastest way to the clean water. This product range consists of 5 models. Each of them efficiently purifies and activates water, but gives the water differing properties. You can read about Emerald water in the Technology section.
Sapphire, Diamond and Diamond-11 are the models designed to produce clean, activated water. The degree of activation depends on the amount of electrochemical reactors inside the device: 1 in Sapphire, 2 in Diamond and 4 in Diamond-11. Detailed information about each filter is available by clicking on the images below.

STO and KFTO models are capable of producing three kinds of water: not only clean activated water (like the models mentioned above), but also Dead and Living water. To learn about the latter kinds of water, please, click here. You can also get detailed information about each filter by clicking on its image below.

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