Izumrud ltd. has been developing water purification and disinfection systems, as well as performing scientific studies within the field for more than 10 years. During this period, our staff has managed to develop strict rules of behavior within the market which has, in turn, dictated our operating principles. These are our principles and guidelines in every situation.

Our values: who we are?

  • We are a young team with clear principles – a team that reacts immediately to market requirements, but does not go back on its word.
  • We are a progressive company, and work beyond borders and spatial frames. We honor our client, and we will do our best to complete his or her order, no matter in which part of the world he is at that time.
  • We accumulate important information as well as the best water purifying technologies. We then implement them into our projects in order to distribute our technologies across the globe.
  • Creativity is re-shaping even the most common things. We uncover new uses and applications for Nature’s unassuming and usual substances, and in turn give everyone a possibility to learn about them.

Our mission: why do we work?

  • By developing and implementing the newest water purification technologies we improve the quality of our clients lives. We appreciate that our business makes people happier. We are glad to be an example of how science and new technology can develop and benefit mankind.

Our principles: how do we operate?

  • Our leading principle is responsibility. We appreciate every client and partner and understand that together, in these relationships, we carry a unified objective.
  • Quality is what we are appreciated for. We realize that the health of our clients and the success of our partners is linked to the quality of our products. That’s why we perform strict production control which minimizes the risk of error.
  • Exactness and allegiance to our principles is the guarantee of our reputation. Unforeseen circumstances do not exempt us from the commitments we have to our partners and clients.
  • Honesty and nobility is the ground on which we were founded and they continue to guide Izmurud ltd. We are conscious of the potential of our technology and always use it responsibly.
Unique technologies

Izumrud ltd. develops and implements the newest water purification technologies (you can learn more about ECAS technologies by clicking here). Our company has its own private lab at its disposal, as well as qualified specialists and strong relationships with different research institutions in several countries. Izumrud ltd. has all rights reserved to sell the devices Izumrud. Patents are available here.


Izumrud ltd. performs research, has its own patents, and implements scientific and constructive novelties to its products. Over the years, Izumrud ltd. has participated in more than 30 exhibitions. Our products have been awarded diplomas and certificates.
Izumrud is widely supported by the Russian government: we take part in governmental programs and strategic projects, as well as receive grants from the administration.

Our clients

Izumrud ltd. works in many cities in Russia, such as Tyumen, Kaluga and Kharkov. Many big enterprises in Russia have become partners of Izumrud ltd. Among them: The State Hermitage, ALROSA and Talosto. Izumrud devices are currently installed in most of Saint-Petersburg’s hospitals, as well as in schools and kindergartens.

Quality control

All the products of Izumrud ltd. are made under strict production control and meet our high quality requirements. This is appreciated by our partners in many countries. You can read the opinions and feedback we have recieved from our buyers here.