Izumrud principle

Izumrud water purifiers are the new generation of water treatment devices. They work on the basis of the electrochemical activation of drinking water (you can read about ECAS technology here). The leading scientists admit that this method is the most promising and ecologically sound in the world. Izumrud is not just an improved water filter; it is a fundamentally new water purifying method which uses electricity. Water, when treated by Izumrud, is notable for ecological purity and biological value. You can read about it in detail here.

Water purification in Izurud devices is based on oxidizing and reducing processes, after which all of the toxic elements are destroyed. In Izumrud devices, natural processes of oxidation and reduction are accelerated manyfold due to direct electrochemical reactions. In addition to that, the process of purification progresses with the help of substances that are contained in unpurified water. Detailed information concerning Izumrud devices is available by clicking on the link products.

Common ways of water purification (sorption filtration, reverse osmosis) have a number of disadvantages. The general drawback is that they not only purify the water from toxic impurities, but also deprive it of healthy calcium, magnesium and fluorine. One more important thing is that these filters use such substances as iodine, bromine, silver and copper. These elements emit xenobiotics in the water. In addition to that, the reproduction of bacteria begins at the filter’s membranes and sorbates, which leads to purification deterioration. Finally, these filters need regular replacement of filtering elements.

The electric processor of Izumrud is able to destroy all kinds of pollutants from pipe water as well as keep the healthy elements. Izumrud does not filter pollutants and does not hold or accumulate them. It destroys or neutralizes any toxic compounds and makes water not only safe, but also completely potable. Detailed Information about Emerald water properties is available here . Information regarding Dead and Living water you can find here, at this link.

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