“Under the sink” models

“Under-the-Sink” Izumrud is the most elegant way to clean water. We have 3 models of this variety. All of them purify and activate the water, but each seperate model attaches different properties to the water. You can learn about activated water in the Technology section.
Sapphire, Diamond and Diamond-11, with under-sink connection set, are the models which will give you clean, activated water. In contrast to the “on the wall” models, they have a separate tap with electromagnetic valve and three pre-cleaning filters. The water activation degree depends on the model’s specific quantity of electrochemical reactors: 1 in Sapphire, 2 in Diamond and 4 in Diamond-11. You can read in detail about the exact method of water purification in each of the purifiers by clicking on the images below.
If you are interested in Dead and Living water production, please, go to the “On the wall” models section.

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