Emerald water

During the process of electrochemical treatment in Izumrud devices a biological activation of the water takes place. During at least four hours after production, Emerald water maintains valuable properties, which in nature one can find only in glacier waters. Emerald water has high deoxidizing properties, which slows the aging process of the human body. This water is enriched with oxygen and helps to clear the body of chemical waste because of its ‘loosened’ structure.

The oxidation-reduction potential (redox) of the internal environment of the human body always has negative values, usually within the limits from -100 to -200 millivolts (mV). Redox of the potable water is almost always higher than zero (from +100 to +400 mV). It is true for all the types of potable water: the type that leaks from the taps of all the cities in the world, the one which is sold in plastic bottles, and the one which is treated by reverse osmosis in other big and small water treatment systems.

Izumrud lowers the redox of the water to negative values (from -50 to -350 mV depending on the model). It helps the body to not have to spend energy on water digestion: electric energy of cellular membranes is not expended on electrons’ activity correction, and the water is immediately digested.

For its properties Emerald water excels the water of Alps and has many healing properties. For example, it contributes to the diffusion of kidney bile ductules stones, helps to cope with heartburn, lowers the intensity of allergic reactions and dermatoses, and abates osteoarticular pains.

Numerous clinical tests of Emerald water in medical institutions and research institutes proved its favorable effect upon healing of the most common diseases of gastrointestinal tract, gullet, kidney, ureter and other important systems of the human body.

Improving the metabolism, Emerald water has general health-improving and tonic effect. It helps people who suffer from asthenic syndrome (a result of psychophysical stress). People who drink Emerald water have a better immune system.
Tap water, leaking inside the pipes, acquires negative energetic information, which contributes to neural disorders and diseases. Izumrud devices are able to neutralize (erase) the negative energetic effects and impart positive energetic information.

What can Emerald water do?