Elena , Zelenograd, Russia
Dear Izumrud staff! Happy New Year and good luck for everybody! We use your wonderful device since September. Due to this filter we feel great. Not only we, but also our pets, fish and flowers. We want to present Izumrud device to our parents.

Diana, Samara, Russia
Miss your device. I drink a little – it’s disgusting to drink chlorinated water. Send it fast, please.

Boyan, Kazan, Russia
To say I’m satisfied – it is to say nothing. I’m HAPPY! At first the members of my family were rather skeptical because of the high price. I re-asked them recently – now they think that 11000 rubles is a low price, taking into account the helpfulness of the device. Now I can’t make anybody of them drink tea, if the water is not Emerald one. Such a taste of tea I experienced only once – on the south of China. Extraction is also unexpectedly good. We are tea-lovers, and for us Izumrud is a godsend.